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Oscar Biggs Biography

Oscar Biggs (Guillaume Tranquil Richards) is a Boom Bap artist from Montreal, Canada, who is most known for his gripping live performances and international collaborative efforts with talent from Turin, Italy; New York City, US; London, UK. The artist credits Hip Hop music for having offered him a creative outlet for the repressed anger he accumulated as a result of an absent father and later, suicidal thoughts and substance abuse. Currently, the artist’s focus is on leading tomorrow’s generation into a mindset and culture that appreciates lyricism, value, and true entertainment over the mainstream vanity that’s overwhelmed all facets of life in the past decade.

Although a lifetime fan of the genre (noting Big L and Lord Finesse as two of his top favorite acts as a child), Guillaume dabbed in freestyling first, around 2014, and was positively received by the local community in Longueuil, Quebec. Consistently progressing, the artist soon settled on Oscar Biggs for the stage moniker, having chosen to pay tribute to his late grandfather, Oscar, who fulfilled the paternal figure in the young man’s life when he needed it the most. Oscar Biggs gained serious traction in late 2017 – early 2018 when he was chosen to open in his hometown for the horrorcore phenomenon, Necro. The highly acclaimed performance was the ultimate catalyst for the artist to dive into pursuing a full-time music career. Since, Oscar Biggs has officially released 15 singles and 5 music videos, most recent one being ‘Boomerang’ which was shot in Turin, Italy, in collaboration with Blue Rhymez Entertainment. The team behind the project involved a creative director (Mariana Berdianu), two established videographers (Armel Pedone, Manuel Balasso), four professional dancers (Shadia Taghi, Giulia Lizzi, Petra Audrey Youaleu, Tommaso Trotta) – all from Turin, Italy; with the song mixed and mastered by the indie-favorite sound engineer, Jack Braglia, from Brooklyn, New York; the beat composed by the select Boom Bap beatmaker, Joseph Murphy, from London, UK; recorded by Juan Sebastian Gaitan, from Montreal, Canada. The music video’s marketing campaign asked the fans of the artist to organically get the song’s Spotify streams to more than 10,000 in order to officially release the visual. The strategy brought an increase in the artist’s streams overall as well as more fans and followers across social media platforms.

Oscar Biggs has been recently described by media outlets as “having this effortlessness about him of turning an average beat into a monster of a statement” and “a Boom Bap master who reflects a sense of grandeur, raw emotions, and self-possession back onto his audience.” Also going by the ‘Boom Bap god from Montreal’ —as the fans and supporters of the artist call him— Oscar Biggs is a pioneer of the future reality of the music industry; a reality in which artists lead with their passion for music before all else, aided by belief in their moral values, integrity, and loyalty to entertainment without hidden agendas

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