Sad Story is the Boom Bap echo of the highlife that attracts so many individuals from poor backgrounds served with extra lyrical effort from the artist who this time developed an unexpected vein of empathy and sentimentalism.” - Blue Rhymez Entertainment

Veritable in entertainment value, spartan in its delivery, and unapologetic in his straightforwardness, this is why people love Oscar Biggs.” - Blue Rhymez Entertainment

F*ck You Pay Me is a daunting composition that boasts flawlessly-produced boom-bap music and an insane lyrical arsenal from Oscar Biggs and Crazy Ace. Old heads and modern hipsters align! Your time has come.” - Blue Rhymez Entertainment

Oscar Biggs is an artist of the highest caliber with genuine, palpable respect for those who’ve paved the road before him.” - Blue Rhymez Entertainment

Oscar Biggs is the modern king of Boom Bap Rap. The artist coming from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, unleashed yet again his ferocious lyrical self on his newest release, O is the Man.” - Blue Rhymez Entertainment

Thunderous, bold, and unapologetic, the three unmistakable traits of Oscar Biggs that are astutely reflected in the music video for O is the Man, number 4 on the Top 10 Best Indie Music Videos of 2021” - Blue Rhymez Entertainment

Oscar Biggs’s Rough Sex bounces off the walls with ruthless lyrics, immaculate hip hop production, larger-than-life vocals, and an overall bluntness that has laid dormant in the music industry until today that is.” - Blue Rhymez Entertainment