Oscar Biggs is seeing an unapologetic rise. Given the times we live in, seeing and hearing a full-on classic Hip Hop creation is highly uncommon.” - BetterAuds Team


Boomerang just flies by. The video is energetic, kept my attention, colorful, interesting. It's really good - start to finish.” - Callum, Host of The Music B&B


I've seen artists integrate fascinating narratives into their music, but none quite pack the same punch and tell their stories with such heartfelt conviction, profundity, and vivid panache as Oscar Biggs in this masterpiece called 'Boomerang.” - David, founder of TunePical


Veritable in entertainment value, spartan in its delivery, and unapologetic in his straightforwardness, this is why people love Oscar Biggs.” - Blue Rhymez Entertainment


Oscar Biggs' journey of personal discovery and artistic direction is inspirational. His presence and insights as an indie artist are valuable to other indie artists.” - the team at PaxJones


Oscar Biggs is the modern king of Boom Bap Rap. The artist coming from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, unleashed yet again his ferocious lyrical self on his newest release, O is the Man.” - Blue Rhymez Entertainment


Thunderous, bold, and unapologetic, the three unmistakable traits of Oscar Biggs that are astutely reflected in the music video for O is the Man, number 4 on the Top 10 Best Indie Music Videos of 2021” - Blue Rhymez Entertainment