“Oscar’s creations distinguish themselves from everything else on the market through the impressively prescient mix of old-school Boom Bap influence and modern boisterous tendencies. It’s like having Ice Cube’s swag meshed with Eminem’s aggressive demeanor in one person,” Blue Rhymez Entertainment on O is the Man.

Oscar Biggs, Guillaume Tranquil Richards from Montreal, Canada, is a Hip Hop artist who melds the unmistakable Boom Bap sound with cold-blooded punchlines to bring the legendary genre to today’s market. Not coincidentally Oscar’s fans have begun dubbing the artist on social media as the Boom Bap god. 

Guillaume’s own taste and influences are far from the average mainstream artists, noting Big L and Lord Finesse as two of his top favorite acts. The artist first toyed with Hip Hop back in 2014 when rapping on the block got him the attention of the local community. From recording demos to always crafting more complex and progressive song layouts, Guillaume soon realized he upgraded his sound and lyrical ability enough to outrap many of his former idols. Subsequently, the young talent settled on Oscar Biggs for his stage name, having incorporated his grandfather’s name, Oscar, in it. Losing his grandfather at only 11 years old, who had also fulfilled the paternal figure in Guillaume’s childhood, scarred the artist for years to come further fueling the anger that he overtly displays in his music. 

Oscar Biggs gained serious traction in late 2017 – early 2018 when he was chosen to open in his hometown for the horrorcore phenomenon, Necro. The highly acclaimed performance was the ultimate catalyst for Oscar to dive full-time into pursuing a professional music career. Since, the artist has officially released over 17 records and 3 music videos, with the most popular one, Raw Lyricism, garnering the artist over 125k views on YouTube and over 160k streams on Spotify in less than 6 months since its release in July 2020. The international publication Blue Rhymez Entertainment awarded Oscar Biggs in 2020 with the title “Best Lyricist Of The Year”. 

When it comes to the business side of his rapidly growing music career, Oscar Biggs heavily relies on the in-person connection with his fans, having amassed most of his supporters through his live performances. Oscar funded his own budget by proceeding with a most old-school approach to promoting his brand in the very modern 2020s society: selling music directly out the trunk. He paired the CDs with other customized products, such as Vinyls, T-Shirts, Hoodies, and more recently, masks, to move numbers. Shockingly to everyone else but unsurprisingly to the artist, this method worked having subsequently sold thousands of CD copies, merch items, and show tickets. 

Oscar Biggs is not your average rapper and his music is not for the average consumer, with Tent-TV attaching a warning sign next to his music: “If you like weak substanced, pop-driven trap rap, Oscar Biggs is NOT for you. He takes Rap back to its pure core!